Dasari Dream Shattered!

By - May 24, 2013 - 08:00 AM IST

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Dasari finished making 150 movies with Paramaveera Chakra. Now, he is targeting the 200 mark. Irrespective of reaching the 200 landmark, Dasari wants to make many movies as soon as possible with big league heroes. He put forth his desire of remaking ‘Yedanthasthula Meda (1980)’ with Nagarjuna as the main lead and also sent him the movie cassette. In fact Dasari and Nagarjuna maintain a very cordial relationship - with Dasari helping out Nag during the release of Damarukam. Recently he stole Nag’s heart by organizing a felicitation ceremony for Naga Chaitanya’s movie Thadaka.  With this everyone in the Film Nagar circuit thought that Nag was locked in for this movie. But our cupid star Nag didn’t succumb to this heartfelt gesture and he gently cajoled Dasari to let go his desire as he was not into doing remake movies and that too of his father. Dasari doesn’t want to remake this movie with anyone other than Nagarjuna and the idea to remake Yedanthasthula Meda collapsed even before its inception. Overall this project stopped before it got into pipeline. Hopefully, the seed has been planted for the future.