Maryada Ramanna not for Sunil ?

By - May 24, 2013 - 08:07 AM IST

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After scoring a Blockbuster hit like Magadheera, does anyone expect an ace Director like Rajamouli to make a low-budget film with Sunil???  But he made Maryada Ramanna and proved his point that you can score box office hits even without casting big stars.

iQlikMovies brings an interesting fact to its readers in relation to this movie: Maryada Ramanna story was not written keeping Sunil in mind. It was Rajeev Kanakala who was supposed to play the main lead and everyone is aware of the friendship between Jr.NTR, Rajamouli and Rajeev Kanakala. In fact Rajeev Kanakala always bags good roles in Jakkanna’s movies. It was this association that made Rajamouli think about making Rajeev Kanakala as the main lead and that’s how the story of Maryada Ramanna was born. We dont know what happened behind the scenes but Rajeev Kanakala got replaced by Sunil. If this movie was made with Rajeev Kanakala what would have been the result? Any guesses …..