How I met RGV

By - May 26, 2013 - 01:46 AM IST

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Lately, A 19 year old cute teenager named Anaika is creating a BUZZ in Bollywood and will make her debut with RGV’s Satya 2. In a recent press release and an interview with Anaika she shared her experiences on How I met RGV? and also released a sensational video named “Moods of Anaika” a heart throbbing experience for teenagers which is a must watch. May be this is typical RGV style of Promotion and her interview is as follows:

Hi!! My name is Anaika and I’m 19 years old. Born in Lucknow, grew up in Hongkong, did my schooling in Panchgani (Mahabaleshwar) and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). I studied Fashion designing for a year, and then joined in a Business Management course. At the same time I entered into my father's construction business with a feeling that constructing a building by mixing several materials like cement, steel and concrete is the most beautiful experience. That’s the reason for my interest in the construction business. 

One day I went out to meet my friends, and in the elevator I came across a face which looked familiar. After coming out of the elevator my friend said it was “RGV”. Since I never followed celebrities I asked my friend who is RGV? Immediately my friend responded to me saying it was Ram Gopal Verma, and reminded me of his movies. That’s when I remembered some of his movies that I liked.

Shortly after that, my friend said he was going to meet with Sandeep Chowta who was located in the same building, I did not know who Sandeep Chowta was, he replied that he is a "Music Director". After that, I and my other friend went to a movie ... accidentally that movie turned out to be an R. G. V. film, but I did not like the movie. The next day, my friend called me and said RGV wanted to meet me. He said when he went back to the apartment, to meet Sandeep Chowta. RGV recognized my friend, and asked "Who is the girl in the elevator with you? He replied, Her name is Anaika and her father is in to construction business. That’s when he stated about his desire to meet me regarding a movie.

In addition to my curiosity, my friend’s compelled me to meet with RGV in his office. So when I met with RGV the conversation went as follows:

RGV:  What is your name?
Anaika: Anaika
RGV: I’m asking your Full Name
Anaika: That is my full name.
RGV: The day I saw you in the lift I felt you were photogenic, but now I am sure that you are photogenic. That’s what we call screen presence in technical terms and I would like to cast you as the main lead in my movie “Satya 2” which I am making in Hindi, Telugu and Tamil.
Anaika: I don’t know how to act and for that instance I am not even interested in acting.
RGV: You have amazing eyes and I am sure you will become an excellent artist, and let’s first listen to the story.
Anaika: I like it a lot, but .....
RGV: Don’t say anything now, think it over for a day and let me know.

That is how the conversation ended that day and she shared the idea with her close friend about everything that happened and his advice was "Try one movie”. Then, Anaika meets with RGV.
Anaika: I am interested in doing this movie, but what about my acting?
RGV: You are a natural artist and the natural skills will be tampered by training.
That’s how I moved in front of the camera without any formal training. For the first time we started shooting for the song “evo pichhi uuhalei” in the movie Satya.   From the beginning of the first shoot I was fascinated by the three beautiful words “Camera … Sound …… Action” and started enjoying. The best compliment I ever received was from our cameraman, he said “You love the camera and the camera loves you”.

Because of this I quit the beautiful world of Cement, steel, concrete and stepped into the most beautiful world of cinema.
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