Happy Birthday: Sivaramakrishna Ghatammaneni

By - May 31, 2013 - 12:48 PM IST

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The name Superstar Krishna itself speaks of versatility and variety. His original name being Sivaramakrishna Ghatammaneni, he is well known to Telugu Cinema as an actor,producer as well as a director. Beginning his career with serious films such as 'Sakshi' which earned high critical acclaim, he acted in the highly popular cowboy film of Telugu- 'Mosagallaku Mosagadu'. It is interesting to see some of initial K.Vishwanath films such as 'Undamma Bottu Pedatha' and 'Neramu Siksha' had Krishna in the lead. The artistic director Bapu had Krishna in some memorable films such as 'Sakshi' and 'Rajarajeshwari Coffee Club'.
But the real breakthrough came for Krishna in the form of the legendary historic role 'Alluri Seetarama Raju'. His performance in the film showed various shades such as aggression,sympathy, heroics and enthralled the Telugu Audience of the 70s. During the tough competitive years with stalwarts like N.T.R. and A.N.R. in limelight, Krishna managed to get an impactful mark on the Telugu Audience of that age.
The first Cinemascope film , The first ever 70mm and the first DTS movie in Telugu Cinema had Krishna in the lead in the films 'Alluri Sitarama Raju' (1974), 'Simhasanam' (1986) and 'Telugu Veera Levara' (1988) respectively. He also has the credit of introducing international heroes such as Cowboys, and James Bond to the Telugu Film Industry. Krishna also established his own movie production house - Padmalaya Studios and directed 17 feature films as well. A unique record of playing with the same actress also goes to Krishna (50 movies with Vijayanirmala and 47 movies with Jayaprada).
He had a huge comeback in 90s even during his later years of Film Career through films like Number One,  Vaarasudu, Amma Donga and so on. He won Nandi award for his memorable performance in 'Alluri Sitarama Raju' in the year 1974 and Indian Government awarded him the prestigious Padmabhushan award in the year 2009. He also won the NTR lifetime achievement national award (2003) and lifetime achievement award from Filmfare South (1997).
Krishna’s family contributed greatly to the film industry and brought some whiff of fresh air to Telugu Cinema. Krishna’s son Ramesh Babu was a noted actor during the 80s and it is needless to say the charming waves Mahesh Babu has been generating in Tollywood since 2000s era. His daughter Manjula is a producer as well as talented actress who acted in a critically acclaimed movie named Show (2003).
IQlikmovies wishes Superstar Krishna a very happy birthday and wish him a great healthy year up ahead!

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