Rare Picture from Aditya 369

By - June 09, 2013 - 03:54 AM IST

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This is a unique picture from Singeetham Srinivasa Rao garu’s only Science Fiction movie in Telugu  -Aditya 369. The film has Balakrishna in the lead did the dual role of the protagonist as well as the Emperor Krishnadevaraya in the film.  Though the film is based on most popular Time Travel movie series of Hollywood- Back to the future, the film was made convincingly indigenous thanks to the dialogue writer Jandhyala and fantastic actors who appear in the movie.  This movie was produced by S.P.Balasubrahmanyam and was made with extremely good production values compared to that age.

The film had Maestro Ilaiyaraaja in the music department who gave some phenomenal backgroundscore for it. It is not easy to score music for three completely different timelines required for the film- 1991, 15th century and the year 2504!
In this picture, the trio Krishna kumar (Balakrishna), Hema (Mohini) and Constable (Sutthi Velu) accidentally arrive in the year 2504 because the Time Machine malfunctions! Hema is the fiancée of Krishna Kumar and it is none other than her father Dr.Ramdas (Tinu Anand) who invents the time machine in the present (1991). The constable Sutthi Velu is a funny guy who accidentally gets into the time machine and that is how they all become a trio here!  Incidentally, this is Mohini’s debut film in Telugu.  

It is one unique situation in Telugu Cinema where the characters witness how the future would be.  The trio apparently is confused here to see what exactly the place is all about- as they see nothing but barren dessert as the landscape! They start getting side effects of radiation in the form of itching and it is when the scientist from future ( Subhalekha Sudhakar) calls them and invites them to their Futuristic city – stationed below the ground level!