We Love Bad Boyz!

By - June 09, 2013 - 11:18 AM IST

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Want to get into cinemas? You wish movies upon yourself? You yearn to become the head turner of media and filmmakers alike? And get etched in the history of Indian cinema?
If you have any such ambitious aims, then we have got you a top-notch idea – slightly a hard terrain but a sure shot one? Want to have it?
Well, be a dacoit, a don, a terrorist, a serial killer, a shrewd looter,a smuggler or just take any form of the so called “evil” [Sorry, we are not misguiding anyone] But if you seriously wish to be a material for our contemporary Indian cinema, be the baddie.

Yes, films of the recent past are the biggest testimonies. All the deniers and the offended, please excuse us because here we try to remind you all the so called acclaimed and blockbusters that substantiate our petty piece of generalization.

We’ll start from Sholay, one of the most regarded movies of the Millennium. If there is anyone who is a match to the film’s popularity, it is ‘Gabbar Singh’ [Amjad Khan] who is a ruthless dacoit in the film. This baddie character has now settled down as a movie name [Gabbar Singh, a Pawan Kalyan’s film] recently which is a blockbuster too! – So Gabbar Singh is a hit- Agreed?

Now, Dawood Ibrahim [Come on, we can’t believe there is anyone who hasn’t heard of this man]. He and his D-gang have pioneered ‘Mafia’ in India. From now on, they should be even charged for being the bread for Tollywood and Bollywood too. Films like the Satya, Company, D-Company, Ab Tak Chappan, Once Upon a Time in Mumbai series, the Shootout series, Nayagan, Billa, Shadow [Thanks to talented gems like Ram Gopal Varma, Milan Luthria, Mani Ratnam, Meher Ramesh et al]

With Fana – a terrorist became a hero; a serial killer like Charles Sobharaj has got into films of late [A Bollywood film has been announced recently with Randeep Hooda as one of the leads] and a shrewd looter like John Abraham and Hrithik Roshan in the popular Dhoom series are always the most fancied meats. Now, the latest buzz is that our age-old smuggler, the only popular one we knew of in the field of smuggling and the pride of the smuggling profession – Veerappan, the renowned Sandalwood smuggler is getting into films very recently. His life history will hit the screen under the name of ‘Veerappan’ [a Telugu dubbed version of Tamil and Kannada bilingual film Vana Yuddham (Attahasa in Kannada)]. Even after years of his death, his popularity hasn’t perished. Our filmmakers might have thought its high time we pay a proper tribute to this iconic smuggler and hence the film.

And film makers like Mani Ratnam impart a justification of being a don with films like Nayagan [the one on don Varadarajan Mudaliyar] and he even tries to open the third dimension of the conventional perceptions and notions about Ravana (a mythological character in Ramayana) with his film Raavan/Raavanan/Villain [a subject inspired from the mythological epic Ramayana]. Hollywood big caps have created many celebrity villains out of which ‘Joker’ (in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight is a gem of a villain raising the bars to the skies).

We know Ramayana – Rama the Hero and Ravana the Villain. We know Bhagavata – Krishna the hero and Kamsa the baddie and the Maha Bharata with Pandavas the good and Kauravas the evil. Gone are the days where our granny emphasizes on whom to get inspired from and whom to hate. Now, this Gen X is no longer interested in the good [it’s only a text book item hereafter]. Just as some old saying rightly says that ‘Bad propagates easier than Good’], the baddie is so cupid-kind. He has got a huge fan-base that people actually go berserk about when they get to see a worthy one.

The more villainy the real life character is – thebrighter are the chances of making into movies one day [at least after the death like the awards declared in our country!]Yeah… We love Bad Boyzz!!