By - June 17, 2013 - 10:02 AM IST

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Once there lived a good guy or otherwise a class guy and on the other side, there is an out and out mass guy. This fellow has a girl to romance and that fellow has a girl too. After few songs and double the number of fights, it is revealed that it is only one guy and he is none other than our hero!

“Of course, we are quite used to stories of this kind but you have never seen a story told this way”, says director Veerabhadram who is shot to fame with hits like Aha Naa Pellanta and Poolarangadu and is now busy calling shots for King Nag’s upcoming sensation ‘Bhai’. And after Damarukam, King Nag is going to dance to the tunes of DSP. Right now, Bhai is busy shooting with Richa in Hyderabad and has promised to give some more candy glimpses of his film the next time we visit the sets. Waiting for more… 


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