Small Budget Heroes are not available!

By - July 05, 2013 - 12:54 PM IST

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Film Industry always talks about Big Budget films. Star Heroes, Crazy Heriones and Top Directors...these are the most talked about people.  Are films are only those which break records? Are Heroes only those people who have fan base? Definitely not.  Film industry can survive fruitfully because of Small Budget films. There are not even 20 Big Budget films which are released per year. But when it comes to Small Budget movies, the count can get close to century! If a 2cr Budget film gets 5 cr, then how much a 50Cr budget film should gain? But is it really happening? Films made with enormous budget are bombing at the Box-Office, whereas films with no expectations at all are getting back good financial returns. Film Industry has witnessed many such miracles. That is why Small Budget films are great.

Small Budget films are like a lifeline for the Film Industry. If one Small Budget film runs well, ten such films emerge in the same route.  That is why Small Budget films should never be overlooked, and it applies to Small Budget Heroes as well. Allari Naresh, Nikhil, Sharwanand, Nani, Varun Sandesh, Tanish - are currently flourishing as Small Budget Heroes in Tollywood.  Their call sheets are absolutely not available! It is a fact that they are extremely busy with many projects in hand.  Their call sheets got wings to fly!

Any aspiring director would plan to make a Big Budget film with a star hero.  But the moment they enter the Film Industry, no star hero welcomes them.  They have to begin their journey with a small budget film and prove their worth. Only then, Star Heroes give them an opportunity. Director Sampath Nandi did not make a film with Ram Charan, and Pawan Kalyan in the first go.  He made 'Emaindhi Ee Vela' with Varun Sandesh in the lead and it was a hit.  As a result, he came in the limelight of Big Budget heroes.  To be noticed by a Big Hero, aspiring directors should make small budget films first.  To do that, they should write a story suitable for Small Budget Heroes and then these Heroes should be available.  But their call sheets are not available now. Every Small Budget Hero is busy with handful of films in their work.  Even their remuneration is high- irrespective of hits or flops in their career.  Their films just keep on coming and when a hit occurs, they increase their remuneration.  If it is a flop, the remuneration remains as it was before!

What is the demand Small Budget Heroes are having right now and what are those details?

Name: Naresh
Films in Hand: 3
Remuneration: 3 Crores
Pros: After Rajendra Prasad, he is called as a good Comedy hero in Telugu.
He is called Minimum Guarantee Hero and even his films fare well at Satellite and DTH rights

Name: Nani
Films in Hand: 3
Remuneration: 1 Crore
Pros: Craze for him increased after Rajamouli’s Eega.
Suits very well for Love Stories.
Has acceptable market even in Tamil film Industry.

Name: Nikhil
Films in Hand: 1
Remuneration: 70 Lakhs
Pros: An actor with ease.
Suits for stories of Ravi Teja style genre
Back with a bang with a hit Swami Ra Ra.
His films fare well at Satellite DTH rights.

Name: Varun Sandhesh
Films in Hand: 3
Remuneration: 60 Lakhs
Pros: After Happy Days, he earned a good craze. Suits well for youthful subjects.

Name: Sharwanand
Projects in Hand: 2
Remuneration: 40-60 Lakhs
Pros: He always earned a good name with respect to his acting skills.
Have good films like Gamyam and Prasthanam in his film career.

Name: Tanish
Films in Hand: 4
Remuneration: 35 Lakhs
Pros: He suits for teenage stories.
Capable of doing mass and action oriented roles
Have hits like Nacchavule and Ride.


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