Karthi following the footsteps of his brother Suriya.

By - July 31, 2013 - 06:11 AM IST

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Surya brothers in Tamilnadu have opened doors for a healthy tradition. They have once again proved to the industry that they are unique. Suriya recent release ‘Singham’ was a huge success and he shared his happiness with the entire crew. He even invited them over for dinner and sent them home with return gifts.

Now Suriya younger brother Karthi is also following in his footsteps. He is acting in the movie ‘Biryani’ and it’s shooting has also completed. Like his brother he also invited the entire team who worked hard for this movie and gave them a grand feast. Everyone from light boy to car driver were invited. They were also given a grand send off with a reward of Rs.10K to each member. The entire ‘Biryani’ team is in awe and happiness because of this unexpected gift. Tollywood heroes …. Did you guys notice this??!!