'Bhai' has Nagarjuna in three different shades.

By - August 11, 2013 - 08:17 AM IST

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Aaruku Mundu Bhai – Aaru Datitei Playboy” is the characterization of Bhai. How is Nagarjuna portrayed in Bhai? What is the nature of his character? Finally we have a clue, and the king himself has given us one. Bhai first look was released on Saturday evening and Nagarjuna spoke on this occasion revealing his characterization in the film.  His role in this movie has three different shades. Apart from ‘Aruku Mundu Bhai’ and ‘Aa Taruvata Playboy’ there is also one more and it is of a brother! Bhai also means brother.

Yes…. Bhai is also a sister sentiment cinema. What a brother do for his sister is the story of this film? Akkineni Nagarjuna role has three perspectives in this film – Mafia Empire Bhai, a lover and a brother. The film is directed by Veerabhadram and has Richa in the female lead.  The movie will hit the theaters this September.