Telugu Heroes Migrating to Tamil Movies!

By - August 11, 2013 - 09:29 AM IST

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The current trend is that Telugu heroes are focused on expanding their market into other ‘Woods. We have been seeing that Tamil heroes are slowly making an impact in Tollywood and it is becoming stronger day by day. So why should our super heros keep quite, with the tic-tack-toe policy they started eyeing on Kollywood. Seems that some of them have already worked out strategies to maximize their impact. Naga Chaitanya is also giving giving it a shot trying to debut in Tamil cinema, which will be a dubbed Telugu film.

Naga Chaitanya who featured in the movie ‘Bejawada’ is the one being considered for this entry in Kollywood (Nothing to lose after all it is just the dubbing expense!!). The makers have decided to dub the movie in Tamil and release it as ‘Vikram Dada’. The secret behind this move ….. the female lead in this movie Amala Paul has got market in Kolly. Even Prabhu who played the lead character in this movie is one of the familiar faces in Tamil. Lastly Varma brand works in any nook and corner of the country. This is the reason why the makers have decided to release the movie in Tamil. Apart from these, any topic that is rowdy centric with an action story does not need any nativity. In fact Tamil audience have always been receptive to such new experiments and have an appetite for this. Let see how the strategy plays and hopefully make some big bucks !!