Potugadu Music Review

By - August 26, 2013 - 01:37 PM IST

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Manchu Manoj starrer Potugadu’s audio is out. The music is given by Atchu and here is the iqlik exclusive review for the album:

The album begins with a vibrant number Pyaar Mein Padipoya sung by the actor Manoj himself and Indu Nagaraj.  The song has the black and white era styled music and quite catchy in the first listening. Lyrics by Ananth Sriram have the mix of Telugu and Hyderabadi Hindi which makes it quite fun to hear. The use of vintage instruments like Clarinet in the interludes makes it a good start for the album. The song also has the comedy element which is quite evident throughout and it moves to the current day trance style in between. Manoj sings well and joins the league of actor taking a new avatar as a singer in South Indian Cinema!

The funkiness of the album gets a changeover with Devatha sung by Karthik next.  Ramajogayya Sastry penned the lyrics for it and Karthik does his usual justice to this lilting melody. The song is beautifully etched with good orchestration and it is really good to have audible lyrics in the album despite the fast paced music. The use of adequate musical instruments and right solo humming in between makes it a winner!

Bujji Pilla sung by Tamil Star Simbhu comes next. The making of this song video has already been out and interestingly it is penned by Atchu, Manoj, Ramajogayya Sastry, Lakshmi Bhoopal and Vasishta Sharma- a big team! The song begins with a catchy prelude with saxophone and it irresistibly reminds the listener of the ultimate hit Kolaveri Di with respect to lyrics. The song launches from techno styled rhythm to local percussions which would highly appeal to masses as well.  Simbhu sings with high vigor and gives it the right needed flavor.
This energetic song is continued in its racy pace with Super Figure sung by Hemachandra and Geethamadhuri. Manchu Manoj penned the lyrics for this song. With the folksy flavor and the local percussions make it a high voltage mass number. Atchu makes it power packed in the form of the rhythm, interludes and energetic vocals add to the intensity.
The next song in Bindass sung by Tippu and penned by Ramajogayya Sastry. It is another mass number again goes on in the steady pace.  The lyrics are typical description of the Telugu Mass Hero and Tippu does the justice needed for it.

Potugadu Theme arrives next which has Geetha Madhuri and Manoj in Lyrics department and sung by Geetha Madhuri and Atchu. It is a clever fusion of Pop, Rock and local drums and it is obvious that it is the theme music for the hero.  

Love Theme is an instrumental track with vocals given by Atchu.  After the heavy duty songs which most of the album has- this is a welcome change. Good use of string section and beautiful piano and violin makes it one of the valuable tracks in the album. Minimal usage of percussions takes the mood of the track forward with unmistakable ease.
Sloka Theme arrives next with the composer Atchu in the vocals department. With heavy use of orchestra, the track sets the aggressive mood for the album. The music speaks of heroism, gallantry and the story of a hero in a convincing manner.

Action The Distraction is another instrumental track sung a group of singers such as Parnika, Sahithi, Ramya, Deepthi Chari, Deepu, Krishna Chaitanya, Anudeep and Rahu .  The heavy mood of the album retains with this track and good use of instruments gives it a good place in the album.

The album ends with Potugadu Mashup – which is literally the House Mix version of the songs in the album. The mixing is adequate and would appeal well to the younger audience. It is one of the kind in Telugu Cinema where some of the songs in the album are mixed into one single track.

All in All, Potugadu is a fairly good album from the upcoming composer Atchu who scored for Kurradu earlier. The sure winners in the album are Pyaar Mein Padipoya, Devatha, and Bujji Pilla. The album has mix of funkiness, melody as well as mass appeal which would cater to all sorts of audience. However, the album stumbles with too many mass numbers in between and the songs Super Figure and Bindass sound almost same with respect to theme and the music.

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