"Mahat deserves to be beaten" -says Manoj

By - September 08, 2013 - 07:15 AM IST

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Men fighting over for women is common; History has proved time and time again and continues to do so…. Manchu Manoj who is a talented actor, film maker and also a lyricist is now tagged a “FIGHTER “in real life. In the past we all knew that Tamil Hero Mahat was beaten up by Manoj and there is a reason for this fight. Seems that Manchu Manoj and Mahat got into a fist fight in Chennai because of Taapsee and this fact was well known to people. But nobody opened their mouths in regard to this matter.

However when inquired about the same “Did you beat the Tamil Hero?” Manchu Manoj opened his mouth and responded “Probably...Yes, but I don’t remember” and continued to add as follows. “If someone tries to dominate and misbehave with women, I will not stay calm. Women cannot always reveal these matters, and they get depressed from deep inside. If I get to know these matters, I will respond as a brother and don’t care even if I am put behind bars involving such affairs. I have the support of my father and my entire family.”

Does it look like a statement that we all heard a million times in many movies?  If the above said is true it makes Manchu Manoj a REAL HERO both on and off screen. Well the truth is out guys….!! Looks like Mahat definitely got beaten up by Manoj!! But we don’t know the other side of the story. Will Mahat care to respond to this statement? Do you think it is wise for a hero like Manchu Manoj to hit another hero Mahat? Share your thoughts.