Should we Celebrate Film Festival? ? Questions Mohan Babu!

By - September 08, 2013 - 07:26 AM IST

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Mohan Babu is known to be a straight forward person; he talks the talk and walks the walk. It is this nature of his that has got him a special place in movie industry. He has once again showed his rigid attitude by opposing the chambers decision and drawing everyone’s attention. On the occasion of Indian Film Industry completing 100 years, southern film industry planned to celebrate this occasion from Sep 21st to 24th in Chennai.

Keeping in view of the turmoil in the state, Mohan Babu suggested the film chamber to postpone this event. “If we today are enjoying this Celebrity Status, fame, popularity etc. the entire credit goes to the audienceBoth Seemandhra and Telangana are like two eyes. Now Seemandhra people are on the streets protesting. Is it reasonable to celebrate this event when they are in deep sorrow? Under such circumstances, a film festival will damage the sentiments of the people. So please make efforts to defer these celebrations.” requested Mohan Babu. He also wrote a letter and handed it over in film chamber this Saturday. Let’s see how the film chamber responds?

Do you think if he makes sense with his request? Does his explanation look convincing? Pour your comments.