What should be the Action plan for Jr.NTR?

By - October 22, 2013 - 05:40 AM IST

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Can Master blaster Sachin build a rocket instead of playing cricket? Can Grand Master Viswanathan Anand try Dhoni’s helicopter shot instead of playing chess? Yes, this does not sound right. What does the first rule of thumb say? There is always a right person for the right job”, otherwise, they are bound to fail in their attempts. But in reality we are afraid that Jr.NTR is trying to pull off this miracle.

Let us get down to work and get our facts straight.

Who is Jr.NTR?
  • One of the descendants in the Nandamuri family who reminds you of Late Sr.NTR … a Huge Bonus       
  • What about his image and popularity? We do not have to say a word about it …Unbelievable! 
  • How does he act, dance & deliver a great dialogue? It has always been an A+
  • What about his Followers & DIE HARD Fans? They are Countless.

With so much of ammunition at his disposal, don’t you think he is in a “no man’s land”? So what is his current situation and who is to blame? Moreover, what should be the action plan for Jr.NTR going forward?

There is no doubt that NTR is a multifaceted hero and most recently, director Harish Shankar described him as “I never worked with a hero like NTR and will never find one like him in the future”. If you analyze all his flops not even one movie “FAILED” because of NTR. A great example is Shakti. NTR justified his role and did everything right. Nevertheless, the movie failed at the box-office.  The bitter truth is his directors are dazed by his stardom and are focused on how to present him on the silver screen rather than concentrating on the factors needed to make a successful movie.

NTR reached the pinnacle of success and was endorsed as the hero of the masses with the movie Simhadri. Ever since, in his quest of climbing up the ladder he started spiraling backwards which today is a biggest concern and a fear for his fans. Every time when Sachin steps on the field, we always expect a century...Isn’t it? Likewise, his fans expect him to create wonders at the Box office all the time. This is the kind of pressure NTR has on his shoulders, which is affecting the directors thereby resulting in failures.

However, the same scenario and expectations existed when NTR worked with Rajamouli & VV Vinayak. The results “HE ROCKED EVERYTIME!”  Any Guesses? You are right! It had to do with their experience, knowledge of his strengths and better acquaintance with NTR. That is why they never missed the target and success was on the cards every time. NTR’s mass hero image was taken to a completely new level by VV.Vinayak magic and similarly Rajamouli did the trick for NTR with Yamadonga.

What did Meher Ramesh do with NTR? He was focused on presenting NTR stylish on the screen and as a result, both Kantri & Shakti bombed at the box office to fans utter disappointment. Don’t you agree that Meher Ramesh went beyond his limitations and capabilities jeopardizing NTR’s career? It was also the case with Boyapati Sreenu’s Dammu, everyone expected a home run but the viewers could not digest too much violence and the movie stumbled at the box office. Then it was Mr. Stylish Director Surendar Reddy’s turn with the movie Oosarvelli. The film had a complicated screenplay with too many twists and turns and finally confusing the audience. However, Vamsi Paidipally’s Brindavanam came as a shimmer of hope to NTR. Finally, Harish Shankar handcuffed NTR to an ordinary script not letting NTR execute to the best of his abilities.

This must be a frustrating moment for NTR at a crucial juncture in his career. On one end he is taking the defeat that he should not be held responsible and on the other end he does not know whom to trust? Currently he is working with Santosh Srinivas and Kortala Siva on two different projects. Both of them have only project under their belt and Jr.NTR is walking on a tightrope. Anyway, long story short it is high time for NTR to focus on his core strengths rather than trying to be innovative and work with veteran directors like VV.Vinayak & Rajamouli. Most importantly, he should make the right choices when it comes to picking his story or directors. “Will NTR make this adjustment and show us his true potential?” Let us wait and see.

NTR, we all love you too much and want to see you roaring at the BOX OFFICE with all cylinders firing! Folks, what do you say?