It was possible only because of Pawan Kalyan- Trivikram

By - October 24, 2013 - 02:36 PM IST

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The title “Maatala Mantrikudu” (Magician of Dialogues) would suit only for Trivikram because he knows very well about how to mesmerize with the help of words. If it is a Trivikram film, every word will have a punch! People come with the same expectations to the theatre. Trivikram has been successful in keeping up those expectations in almost every film of his. With Heroism on side, commercial value on the other side- along with his ideologies, Trivikram writes a story balancing all these aspects and stood tall not only by himself but also helping those who rely on him. He has been on a success marathon with series of hits like Nuvve NuvveAthadu, Jalsa and Julayi. His latest film Attarintiki Daredi is soon going to join the 100 crores club. On that account, here is an exclusive chit chat with the Maatala Mantrikudu.

Congratulations..for making a good film!
Thank you.

How are you celebrating this success?
I don’t even know that one has to celebrate their success! I neither drink nor attend parties. I don’t start feeling pleased with myself either. I always remain the same as how I have been.

But this success is special isn’t it?
Yes. This film stood strong amidst piracy also. But that is not our greatness. We have to appreciate the moral values of the audience who did not watch the film in pirated format despite having it easily accessible. In this regard, we have to appreciate Pawan Kalyan’s fans. They took this issue as their own problem and worked on it. They updated us with news whenever they knew about a pirated DVD. In Bheemavaram, a girl handed over her father to the Police. He is a lecturer! What can we either say or do when a person who is in a responsible profession like teaching is getting into this.

Didn’t you feel angry knowing such incidents?
It is not anger… it is sadness. By hitting, will there be a solution? I didn’t even see the person who has been the reason behind this piracy issue. If one gets the pirated CD in Bheemavaram, we will have to hit him. But by the time if the CD reaches to US, should we go there as well and hit that person too? How many people can we hit? We need to see what has to happen for a permanent solution for it.

What was your reaction when you came to know the first half has been out?
I was gaining my courage thinking the second half was still safe. In fact, the story travels in the second half and it is the main strength of the film. That is why I was so confident that the film will not lose. But our only concern was on the producer Bhogapally Prasad. We took care of him like a little child.

Coming to the storyline of the film, how did you think it would suit Pawan’s image?
Once Pawan told me we should make a film based on human relations and expressed his interest of acting in such film. Keeping that in mind, this story was designed. I had the confidence that the story would be liked by him right from the beginning. He instantly liked the story. The only additional work we did was to make sure the story matches Pawan’s image. We made sure all those aspects should be there which Pawan fans expect from his films. However, we did not go beyond the basic storyline.

You even made Pawan shed tears in the film..!
Well, people have been saying every film of mine has been overloaded with punches (Smiling). To tell the truth, the emotional scenes gave life to this film. Usually Pawan’s films change to the fights mode as it progresses to the climax. But we focused more on the key scenes between Pawan and Nadiya. Those scenes showed a great impact on the audience. The main reason for the climax sequence to go so well is Pawan Kalyan. It is possible only to him.

Whose idea was the Attapur Baba sequence?
It was mine. During my stay in Bheemavaram, I used to hear songs from Ayyappa Temple. They used to make a parody version of Bangaru Kodi Petta song for the devotional purpose. I used to get very irritated with it. Attapur Baba sequence was based on that incident. I wrote it while travelling in car. The moment I narrated it to Pawan, he liked it instantly.

Did you ever feel the writer is boosting up the director in you?
I came to film industry to become a director. There are two people in me- a writer and a director. The moment I start writing a scene, both of them come to the surface and have a fight- as dramatic as it might sound!

Who are the writers you get inspired from?
I cannot say a particular name. I will have to say everyone as every writer’s influence is on me.

When do you get free time to read books?
It would be a lie if I say I don’t have time. Nobody is there without even little time! I have ample time and hence I pore over books.

Your next project details?
It will be starting very soon. With whom, it will be known soon.

Okay… All the Best!
Thank you…

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