Happy Birthday Magical Writer - Trivikram Srinivas

By - November 07, 2013 - 11:04 AM IST

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It is not an easy task to write words! It gets more and more difficult when they have to be twisted, mesmerizing and heart touching. However, Trivikram loves doing such complex things. To protect the Telugu language and disseminate its fragrance, occasionally writers such as Pingali, Aatreya, Mullapudi Venkata Ramana and Jandyala are born. Trivikram is also an eminent author who belongs to this league.  Trivikram has given the hope that all the writers can become directors.

Trivikram was an inquisitive person since his childhood and found happiness in reading books. He is an idol for new age writers. He rose gradually as a writer with movies such as Swayamvaram, Chirunavvutho, Nuvve Kavali, Nuvvu Naaku Nachhavu and Jai Chiranjeeva. He is very adept at giving new strength to an average scene with his word magic. He can create a pleasant atmosphere with is punch dialogues. You are erring if you think; he is good at only rhyming words. Yes, he can deliver life truths, love nature, relations and affectionate words through his pen. He can write sensitive words like “Amma, Avakaaya, Anjali … eppudu Marchipolemu.”

Trivikram has a unique style of telling small concepts in a beautiful and heart touching manner. One such dialogue is “Andanga ledani ammani … kopanga unnadani nannani vadileyam kadaa.” He writes dialogues based on the body language of the hero irrespective of a small hero or a star hero. He earned fame not only as a writer but also for his technical expertise. He is well aware of how to present his scene on the celluloid. That is the reason why he has become successful as a director.

Attarintiki Daredi has become a 100 Cr film. While Pawan gets half the credit for its victory, the other half belongs to Trivikram. Hats off to Trivikram for showing Pawan Kalyan in a family entertainer! iQlik Movies whole-heartedly prays for many more victories and wishes Trivikram a very Happy Birthday…!