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Attarintiki Daredi review

“Ika anni daarulu ee cinema ke!!“

Posted: 27 September 2013-12:22 PM

The movie opens with Sasi (Samantha) narrating her story to a group of kidnappers. Raghu Nandan (Boman Irani) is a steel tycoon, in Milan, Italy, and the head of Nanda family and his company is at the verge of a hostile takeover. They need a rescue team to pull the company out of abyss and resuscitate its lost glory. And the rescue team comes in the form of one person – Gowtham Nanda (Pawan Kalyan), the scion of the family. Gowtham finishes the job adeptly and quickly and in the process he eats loads of aerial footage and dodges bullets.

Raghu Nandan requests Gowtham for a gift on his birthday that is to bring her daughter – Sunanda (Nadiya) – back to him. Now Gowtham with his crew shifts his base to Hyderabad and uses all his tricks and techniques to convince her aunt and take her back to Italy, but everything falls flat. Then he resorts to a plan of loving her daughter Prameela (Pranitha). But this one also goes for an unprecedented twist. What happens next and how he wins the hearts of the family forms the rest of the story.

Pawan Kalyan proves that being a grand actor is all about pulling every act with poise. He conjures many hues in his role with aplomb. In fact, ‘aplomb’ should be his middle name. He never skips a beat to entertain and his multi-layered acting prowess allows you to peel one layer after other to discover the gem of an actor. In an episode, fans will be delighted to see Power Star as a BABA.

Samantha plays a free-spirited gal full of life and vivacity. Initially, her role is underplayed but she rules the roost in the later half. Her appearance as a saree clad gal in "Ninnu Chudagaane" song is to die for.

Pranitha has arrived. Her delightful face sticks to the screen like a magnet which makes you wonder where she had been all this while. In the film, Pawan describes her beautiful eyes and says they can drown anyone. She is a living testimony to that.

Brahmanandam checks off all the comedy buttons on the list of things. The film Radiator and Bascars makes you laugh your lungs out. His four act play is a laugh riot and the reason behind the most chuckle-evoking moment in the film. And this one is followed by Kaatama Rayuda song.

Nadiya looked classy and was excellent in her role. She was on par with the two heroines.

Ali and M S Narayana stay through the entire length of the film and try to induce laughter whenever required. And completing the line-up is Posani who plays a villain with a tinge of comedy.

Rao Ramesh is perfect in his role and Kota Srinivasa Rao plays a small villain cameo as Siddappa.

Hamsa Nandini and Mumtaz make passing appearances in It’s time to party and shake a leg with Pawan.

Trivikam and his Hollywood hangover are packed so tightly that he can’t live with the latter. The way Pawan cooks a story from the objects lying around reminds you of the film The Usual Suspects. Within the first few minutes of the film, you can tell this will be anything but out-of-the-world. That's the sheer class 'Maata Maantrikudu' exudes in every scene and every frame. The dialogues, the locations, the compositions, the people, the pace, the pauses and the precision of editing – everything is set up in those first few minutes. Trivikram has created a film so tender and genuine, so slapstick yet inventive, so emotional yet sardonic. The film takes a while to grow on you and after that it never whiles away.

The premise is not exactly original. The second half drags a little and slips into some loopholes. However, the execution brings the house down. The way Trivikam effortlessly plays with the rewind and forward button, the comical and emotional layering, intermittent black & white footage, makes it so innovative amid few clichés. The way the plot unfolds is simply astounding. Fear and pain are real but happiness still is an abstract thing. That’s genius of Trivikram.

Devi Sri Prasad knits assorted tunes and spreads a musical fabric all through the film. The music is immersive and the background score is seductive. At most of the places, you can listen to the soundtrack that was archetypal of ‘westerns’. That’s giving some shades of Ennio Morricone to Telugu audience. Wait, that’s not all. Devi also plays a ‘saxy’ cameo wielding a saxophone and guitar.

Prasad Murella’s cinematography is top-notch and he builds the introduction scene of Power Star by piling heavy doses of aerial shots, montages and vignettes. The effective use of soft lighting and addition of multiple hues to the frames is laudable. But a complaint – when the movie is riding on a high budget, then why those Swiss CG visuals? A natural shade to those songs might have accentuated their visual appeal. The editing is slick, and although the movie clocks a run-time close to 3 hours, it never lets boredom to seep into the narrative. 

Attarintiki Daredi brings something to Telugu cinema that comes rarely with so much effect. Trivikram's magical spell wards off some dull moments in the film. He shines both as a writer and director, and to be precise, this time the director in him outsmarts the writer. During the end-credits the family is seen tasting the soup, but this scene is like a tasty little dessert after a hearty meal. Relish many such moments in the film. The movie is a traditional platter with right doses of sugar and spice! Don’t miss it.

If we were to give you a number it is 4/5 and a must watch !!

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