Another Shock to Pradeep Machiraju!

By - January 19, 2018 - 04:11 PM IST

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Anchor Pradeep was caught by the police while he was driving on Dec 31st, 2017.  On testing the alcohol percentage, it was proved that Pradeep had consumed a high amount of alcohol in the new year party he was returning from. 
A Drunk-and-drive case was filed against Pradeep. There was a big buzz in the media over this topic. Pradeep's car was seized and action was taken against him for not following the traffic rules. Pradeep even took counseling sessions as per the traffic rules.
The court has now fined Pradeep Machiraju with an amount of Rs.2,100. Along with this, the court has canceled Pradeep Machoraju's driving license for three years. This is an example to show that 'A Rule is for all' and no one is an exemption. Pradeep may have to hire a driver now as there is no other go. 

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