Telugu Anchor Caught By Police!

By - January 01, 2018 - 12:16 PM IST

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Despite the warnings issued by the Traffic Police of Hyderabad, there were people who seem to have not taken it seriously. It is not anything new to us that thousands of citizens get caught in drunk and drive cases daily. And, during the new year celebrations, the number of people who drink and drive increases.

We often look upon celebrities as good examples. Keeping that context in the mind, celebrities getting caught in such petty cases does not create a good impact at all. There are many incidents in which are Tollywood celebrities were caught while driving after drinking alcohol.

And now recently a Tollywood Celebrity was asked to stop his car for a regular check by Hyderabad police to know the alcohol levels and it was proved that he had a high dose of alcohol intake. He is none other than our favorite anchor Pradeep Machiraju. Pradeep who has set his own benchmark in anchoring has been caught red-handed for driving after having attended a liquor party.

Charges have been filed against him and the Police have warned him of this. Though it is a day to celebrate, we need to keep in the mind that it is an offense to drink and drive. All the citizens must follow the rules and regulations for the safety of the public and also their own safety. On the other hand, the celebrities must avoid doing these kinds of things and try to set a good example. All who fail to follow the traffic rules have to face the law. 

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