Critic Movie Of The Year 2017

By - December 31, 2017 - 03:44 PM IST

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Critic Movie of 2017- Ghazi

Ghazi- The first Indian Submarine war based film. The idea of making a war film in Indian silver screen is a tough task and that too making an underwater war film makes the things even tougher for the makers. Because there was any referring point to shot this picture and somehow the ‘Previz’ (Previsualization) technique from director Sankalp Reddy made it possible to bring the first-ever underwater war film on Indian silver screen.

At the same time, we need to applaud the makers PVP Cinemas & hero Rana Daggubati for supporting this challenging project to see the light with necessary inputs. 
This film turns out as the most critically acclaimed film among the Telugu films released this year 2017 and the efforts of Ghazi crew was hugely applauded by audience & critics. This film inspired from the real life incidents and later added by some fictional elements to provide that essential drama to the viewers.

Point to be noted: This film got some kind of criticism from a section of the audience. As this movie’s screenplay was loosely inspired by director Sankalp Reddy from the film called Crimson Tide.

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