Sunil Stops His Hero Acts!

By - December 30, 2017 - 05:06 PM IST

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Just when most of you were breathing a sigh of relief that the noted actor Sunil is reverting back to his expert domain comedy he dropped a bomb citing he is not part of Trivikram Srinivas’s movie. Meanwhile, he has also arrived with the movie ‘Two Countries’ yet again as the hero and pinned his hopes on it.

The film has arrived and garnered negative talk all over. Now that this film is also going to sink, Sunil’s fans are worried and they are advising it is better he would return to comedy. That would be his best bet to sustain his career. While that may be right in their point of view, few others have a different perspective.

They say “As long as Sunil is getting hero roles and producers are behind him, he will continue doing lead roles. It is obvious that the money is much higher for the hero than doing a sidetrack comedian. But then, Sunil is at a crucial crossroads of his career so he has to be very careful about his next step.”

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