Sreemukhi Beats Anasuya?

By - December 30, 2017 - 03:34 PM IST

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Just like there is a silver screen industry with its share of queens, there is also the small screen circuit which has its share of queens. Lately, the glamour quotient has risen by quite a number so beauty with brains combo is ruling the roost. In the Telugu TV circuit, Suma is the evergreen queen doing all the homely shows.

For a long time, the seductively tempting Anasuya Bharadwaj has been considered as the next successor to Suma but her stint in films is taking her time. Within this time, yet another name is popping up. It is none other than Sreemukhi. This cute yet hot lady is creating quite a bit of sensation among the home audience.

It is being noticed that Sreemukhi is being roped in for different shows and her fan following is growing exponentially. Even she has done her share of movies now and then and that stint continues but for now, it looks as if Sreemukhi is going to be the next beauty taking the throne of Suma leaving behind Anasuya.