SR Filling Allari Naresh's Gap?

By - December 30, 2017 - 12:18 PM IST

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You tend to see a rapid change in the positions of the heroines and every now and then the replacements are found. That is not so frequent in terms of heroes but when it happens, the change is for a long time. Akin to that, it is now being said that Sudden Star Allari Naresh has found a replacement.

He is none other than Srinivasa Reddy. Lately, Srinivasa Reddy has been doing few protagonist roles and these were the kind of roles Allari Naresh used to do during his heydays. Now Allari Naresh has lagged a lot behind in the race so Srinivasa Reddy is doing such roles and it is working for him.

Previously, he was seen as the solo hero in the movie ‘Jayammu Nischayammura’ and now he is repeating the act with the movie ‘Jambalakadi Pamba’. Since ‘Jayammu Nischayammura’ got a decent talk the makers are coming up with a title that starts with ‘Ja’ as a sentiment. The shooting has commenced and it is a rom-com.