Heroes' Comeback of Tollywood in 2017

By - December 29, 2017 - 06:12 PM IST

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Being a celebrity is not at all a cake walk. There is a thick screen which hides thousands of emotions of the celebrities which are in contrast with the way they appear to the world. It is so very difficult for the celebrities to take a step forward especially during the time which they face constant failures. It takes so much courage and toils to spring back from their failures despite the backlashes and criticism they receive.

The year 2017 has come to an end and our some of the Tollywood stars whom we thought that they have failed have bounced back with grace. It was like one of those golden years for the Film industry with so many good movies and actors in the home. Here we are to bring to you some of the best COMEBACKS in 2017.

Chiranjeevi- Khaidi No 150

Back in the year 2008, the megastar decided to quit the movies leaving every fan of his upset. Though there were many things that happened in the middle of all these things during these years, the fans were overly excited to hear that Chiranjeevi is to be back to act in the movies. Khaidi No 150- the official remake of Tamil's Kaththi was announced and there were still doubts if the fans would be still so excited.

But, once the movie Khaidi No 150 hits the theaters, the MEGA leader is back in the league again. His perky action, dynamic dance, solid sentiment and overall his screen presence proved that Chiranjeevi is the 'Mega Star' of Telugu cinema. Even though he was away from the movies for so many years, his position is restored once he is back! That too with due respect!

Ravi Teja- Raja The Great

Here comes Mass Maha Raja Ravi Teja! Ravi Teja is one such actor who is always charged with unlimited energy and he has that ease in his acting. It was a tough time for hero Ravi Teja, as he had no decent hits. Ravi Teja even took a break and after almost one year made a comeback with the movie Raja The Great.

Even though Ravi Teja was very confident about this movie Raja The Great, there was a slight doubt about its commercial value, as he was in a low. But, breaking all the stereos, Ravi Teja proved to everyone that he could win even when he played a specially disabled person. In the role of a visually impaired person, Ravi Teja entertained the audience to the fullest. This comeback is very special and Ravi Teja is to get the share of appreciation.

Rajasekhar- PSV Garuda Vega

It has been years that Rajasekhar has got a proper success in the movies. After Rajasekhar was into petty things and small movies, Rajasekhar wasn't considered much. Even though Rajasekhar was a part of movies like Gaddam Gang, he was not established properly. Rajasekhar's recent hit PSV Garuda Vega made it to the headlines ever since the teaser was released.

Being it an investigative thriller, this movie has not just entertained the audience but also got critical acclamation. Rajasekhar who was in a dire need of success is back with this fantastic movie.

Sumanth- Malli Raava

Hero Sumanth got into instant limelight with the movies like Snehamante Idera, Sathyam etc. Though Sumanth has a decent backup from the legendary Akkineni family, he could not stand the competition with his okay-okay movies. After a long time, Sumanth got a decent hit with the movie Golkonda High school in the year 2011. After that, his attempts failed drastically.

Naruda Donoruda which was a remake of Vicky Donor did not get the acceptance from the Telugu audience. So, seems like Sumanth has worked a lot on his movies after that and the result is 'Malli Raava". Malli Raava is a critically acclaimed movie which is a subtle love story. Sumanth has got a decent comeback with this tender love story.

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