'Hello' Not Fit For Nandi Awards?

By - December 29, 2017 - 11:05 AM IST

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Whenever you make a film there would be two primary objectives- to score at the box office, to win few awards. Among them, the latter is always a matter of pride and reputation. In the Telugu cine circuit, the state level awards given the respective Telugu governments are always a very coveted honour for the cine folks.

The Nandi Awards has been an age old honour and post bifurcation the state of Telangana has its own. Meanwhile, the recent release Hello is being touted as not eligible for the Nandi Awards. The reason being, it has the element of Destiny in the storyline and hence it would not fit into the eligibility category.

Incidentally, the organizers of Nandi Award reportedly mentioned Manam was not given the best movie award because it had past birth concept. Since elements like past birth and destiny are not a scientifically proven concept they cannot be considered eligible. Given this funda, the Akkineni clan may have to pass Hello as far as Nandi Awards go.

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