Producer Shelling Crores For Son's Debut

By - December 29, 2017 - 11:10 AM IST

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The culture of launching their sons as heroes is strong among the film families of the south and while some do it sensibly calculating the budgets and other aspects, few others focus more on giving the biggest ever launch. The talk now is about one producer who is splurging crores for his son’s debut flick.

He is Ashwani Kumar Sahadev and he is a well-known distributor in the Gulf region. His son Akash is all set to make his arrival as a hero through the movie ‘Sarabha’. This project has been making rounds since long but till now no concrete noise is coming as far as the release date or other promotional activity is concerned.

In the month of August, megastar Chiranjeevi launched the teaser and many are saying Ashwani Kumar should have released the movie in that momentum. However, that didn’t happen and things have become silent. So now, the movie should get a sizeable number of theatres and most importantly, crores should be spent again for promotion.