A Fan's Tribute To PK Songs

By - December 30, 2017 - 02:27 PM IST

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Hey Power Star Fans! Okay, I know how much you all are waiting for 10th January. The movie "Agnyaathavaasi" hits the theaters soon and the expectations are mounted. Though the wait is worth, we have that anxiety about how well the movie must have come out right? To relieve us from this desperate waiting, the makers of Agnyathavasi have decided to give us a New Year Gift.

'Kodakaa' crooned by our Power Star is all set to leave us spellbound! Hours to go for this song to be out, I've been thinking of all the times Pawan Kalyan gave us such sweet surprises in his movies. Apart from the Karate feats, mesmerizing martial art show, spectacular fights, innovative song conceptualizations, and last but not the least the 'Powerful' appearance, Pawan Kalyan is exceptional for the songs he sings in his own movies.

Would like to go down the memory lane and memorize the songs Pawan Kalyan made it to be the most special ones for us. Here are the songs Pawan Kalyan has crooned and his fans have owned.

Thammudu - Malli Neekendukura Pelli?

Thammudu- Evariki? Megastar Chiranjeevi ki. So, obviously, he carries that ease in acting. But, what makes him so special is that he sets his own benchmarks. This folk-kind of a bit song which Pawan Kalyan has sung proves that he is not just an actor but a multi-talented artist.

Age lo pedha ayina kuda chanuvuga move ayye uncle ni tease cheyadanki e pata paadina sandarbham. Aa konte thanam, mass beats, danki thagga steppulu!!!

Kushi - ByeByeyeee Banagaru Ramanamma

Kushi lanti movie malli raaledu, raadu kuda. Pawan Kalyan at his best in looks, styling, attitude, action and comedy.. No regrets in saying that I have watched this movies nearly a dozen times in the theater.

Thaaginappudu scenes chala gammathu ga untaayi antaaru. Of course, movies lo aythe disclaimer thone vestharanukondi. Badhallo unnappudu thaagi manasuloni matalu kakkesi, frustration theercheskunte chala relief ga untundani ma friends cheptharu. Excatly alanti situation lo ilanti folk song ni pettalanna thought ye super andulo Pawan Kalyan own cheskuni paadithe aahaa entha vinasompuga undooo kada? ByeByeyeee..(starts humming)

Johnny - Nuv Sara Thaaguta Maanuranno, Raavoyi Maa Country Ki

Johnny! Pawan Kalyan conceptualization ki denomination e movie(Arey bhaay maaku hit or flop akkarle we are Pawan Kalyan fans!). Paina song situation ki total contradiction idi. Saara thaagi vyasanaanki baanisa ayina athaniki thaagithe pothav ani chepthu paadina paata. Pawan Kalyan e movie lo inkoka song paadaru "Raavoyi Ma Country" Ki ani. It shows how much he thinks of the system, social scenarios and society.

Gudumba Shankar - Nabo Nabo(Intro for Killi Killi Song)

Gudumba Shankar is another movie to indicate the madness and craziness that Pawan Kalyan has. From his dressing to the song concepts everything denotes a kind of 'Pawan Kalyan' flavour.

Nabo Nabo is the intro for the mass song 'Killi Killi'. Nabo Nabo Nabaru Gajulu ani Pawan paade e intro ki mass audience ki poonakaale vachayi theaters lo. That ease and that mass attitude is not everyone's peg of brandy(pun intended).