Shocking Incident In Tollywood

By - December 30, 2017 - 03:51 PM IST

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The tinsel town is one place where even if an ant bites a hero or heroine it becomes a breaking news and leads to various speculations. Given that, you can imagine how well informed everyone will be when it comes to a movie and its release. However, one shocking incident is raising the eyebrows of the Filmnagar folks.

The young hero Sundeep Kishan is quite popular in Kollywood circuit and he does a sizeable number of movies there. One such film is ‘Mayavan’ and generally such projects come to Telugu in the dubbed version. Even ‘Mayavan’ came as ‘Project Z’ in Telugu but here comes the best part, apparently, even Sundeep is not aware it released.

The hero has filed a police complaint alleging none of them were aware of the film’s release and even his dubbed voice was not heard. He also maintained that the necessary clearances have not been given so not sure how this happened. Well, this is certainly a shock not just for Sundeep but for everyone as to how a film can make it to theatres.

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