Surprise & Upset Movies Of 2017

By - December 31, 2017 - 03:43 PM IST

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Surprise Hit of 2017- PSV Garuda Vega

This year’s most surprising hit film of the year title goes to Dr Rajasekhar’s PSV Garuda Vega movie. Hero Rajasekhar made a surprising comeback to the frontline cinema with his latest offering- Garuda Vega. This film had zero expectations till its trailer got out and the things for this film got changed drastically after audience watched the trailer.

Director Praveen Sattaru didn’t compromise in the making of the film and even producers also supported his vision by providing sufficient funds. Praveen along with his protagonist Rajasekhar stunned everyone with their product and the positive word of mouth for this flick started spreading out from the day 1 of its release.

Many of the Telugu audience stepped out of their homes to watch Rajasekhar movie on silver screen after a hiatus gap. In this stylish action film, Rajasekhar portrayed the role of NIA officer and he did his best for the role to look better on screen. Sunny Leone’s special song also turned out as the blessing for this flick as it served the purpose of bringing glamour to this stylized action flick.

Well, this film undoubtedly wins the Surprise film tag as it surprised everyone in the audience.

Upset Movie of 2017- Spyder

‘Upset Film’ is the one category where the audience got upset with the output of the film as they pour their huge expectations on the movie.

This year, Superstar Mahesh Babu’s SPYder movie claims this title as it thrashed the huge expectations of fans. Mahesh fans expected a lot from this movie as it took more than a year to get completed and best craftsman in the business has been behind this movie in the form of AR Murugadoss.

However, the story & treatment which Mahesh-Murugadoss believed in for the Spyder movie resulted in a different way and fans rejected this flick from the very first show itself. With this movie got tanked at the box office, Mahesh Babu’s maiden Kollywood attempt also got failed miserably.

Factors like- huge budget of more than Rs 150 Cr, Murugadoss, Mahesh Babu became the main reasons for the huge expectations on SPYder. However, things turned otherwise after the release and it finally gets the tag of the most upset movie of 2017.

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