Actress Hema on fire?

By - March 30, 2015 - 11:41 AM IST

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Supporting actress Hema is a popular household name in Telugu film industry. She is known for her bold and straightforward persona. Though she had her share of controversies in the past, she maintains a low key profile in the industry.  She is not a staunch Gandhian follower either but would retaliate and in fact give it back if necessary.

Going into the details, in the wake of the recent MAA elections, Hema exchanged a serious verbal war with one of her contemporaries who has been a long term member in the association. Well the issue did not end there but indeed reached Dasari also. Hema has apparently gave her version and the insult she faced and the big man has promised to look into this, as per inside sources.

Well issues like these are quite common in the industry and MAA elections somehow stirred the hornet's nest once again. Well, we no wonder if we these actors share a warm hug again at their next meeting!

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