Seniors Facing Insult In Tollywood?

By - March 30, 2015 - 11:00 AM IST

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When you have someone senior to you at your workplace it is obvious that person expects some respect and obedience from your end. However, this doesn’t really work at all places and leads to ego conflict and hurt feelings. Something like that seems to have happened with the senior actor Chandramohan.

Recently, he was sharing his thoughts when he reportedly mentioned about senior not getting the respect they deserve. But some of the rationalists have given their opinion. They say it is not just in movie industry but in every other industry wherein oldies are not being given that preference by youngsters.

In the last few years, the current generation has developed the ‘we know everything’ approach and to an extent some of them are right about it but not all. Secondly, in cine circuit, it has become very commercial and it is all about how much we get and how much is put. Even the lifespan of a film has come down due to which the small and medium budget flicks are not standing any chance.

Only the big star movies are getting that weight and with social media explosion and abundance of aspiring actors, anyone is being taken for a role. In a way, that aspect of respect to seniors has faded due to various reasons but then again, it differs from person to person.

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