Telangana Artists Awaiting TATA Call

By - March 30, 2015 - 12:00 PM IST

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By TATA, don’t think that we are referring to the famous industrial and tech giant. We are referring to another TATA here. Apparently, few organizations in America are doing certain cultural events from a long time and in that one association have come exclusively from Telangana.

It is called the TATA (Telangana American Telugu Association). This is first of its kind brainchild from the Telangana NRI's in the USA and with this, the Telangana artists are counting their lucky stars. Well, they are waiting for a call from TATA to prove their identity.

We have to see who will get the call and along with the already existing NATS and TANA, TATA is also vying for equal space. Already the promo song for TATA is doing a lot of hungama and the lyrics by Kandikonda are creating an impact. It is now the turn of the Telangana artists to do their share of noise once they get the invite.

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