Krishna's Thene Manasulu Completes 50 Years

By - March 30, 2015 - 11:48 AM IST

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The film Thene Manasulu marks an important milestone for the versatile hero Superstar Krishna. This was the first ever film which featured him in a full length hero role and thereby gaining great appreciation by critics as well as audience for his effervescent acting skills. Thene Manasulu was directed by the artistic filmmaker Adurthi Subbarao and this legendary film completes 50 years by tomorrow. On that eve, iQlikmovies takes you back to the film's basic storyline and some interesting facts about it.

Narasaraju (G.S.N.Murthy) is a family man with financial troubles. He steals money from Srinivasarao (Koneti Rao) for the purpose of his daughter Seetha (Sandhyarani)’s wedding. Srinivasarao is a bank employee who gets this sum of money from the bank for the purpose of salaries. As a result of the theft, Srinivasa Rao goes into hiding. His daughter Bhanumathi (Sukanya) along with her mother shift to another city. She gets a job as a secretary. In the mean time, Seetha’s husband Chitti Babu( Rammohan) goes to USA for further studies and gets habituated to the modern culture there. By the time he returns to India, he refuses to accept his wife as she is too traditional for his liking. He incidentally joins as a manager in the company where Bhanumathi works as a secretary.  Chitti Babu starts loving Bhanumathi but the latter has another flashback. She gets engaged to a drill master Basavaraju (Krishna) but the wedding gets called off because her father goes to hiding. Nevertheless, Bhanumathi still loves Basavaraju. It is at this juncture Bhanumathi understands that Seetha’s family stay beside her house and also realizes that Chitti Babu is already married but not accepting his wife. Bhanumathi attracts Basavaraju, who leaves the wedding hall without even looking at her-with her intelligence and makes him fall for her. She plays a clever game and gets Seetha and Chitti Babu together. The film ends on a happy note with Bhanumathi and Basavaraju’s wedding.

Thene Manasulu is high on performances with some really talented actors such as G.S.N.Murthy, Sukanya and Ram Mohan along with Superstar Krishna's brilliant presence as well. K.V.Mahadevan's melodious music also added to the magical value with songs like Divi Nunchi Bhuviki, Chandamama Andala Mama, One Two Three Four andEvaro Nee vadu becoming all time hits. It is interesting to note that Kala Tapasvi K.Vishwanath worked as an assistant director for this film and personally trained the young Krishna and Rammohan. In fact, it is even said that Adurthi initially considered K.Vishwanath for the lead role itself but later settled for new actors. Dialogues by Mullapudi Venkataramana and Manasu Kavi Athreya worked wonders on screen.

It is indeed a great moment for a film like Thene Manasulu to complete 50 glorious years and sill be remembered fondly by Telugu Audience!

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