Pawan Kalyan And NTR On Same Page?

By - June 11, 2014 - 10:49 AM IST

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It is not necessary that when in films a star has to keep good relations with political parties. This was proved by Pawan Kalyan as he returned to his films though he is getting pressure from two parties to take up a power portfolio. At the same time, there is a talk that Pawan’s movies will have a tough time in Telangana.

But that may not be so because ultimately people want entertainment. He has gone ahead following his heart and dared many political leaders and parties. Now, it looks like Junior NTR is also in the same boat. The young tiger is staying away from TDP following his own heart.

Of course, there is a talk that he needs community support but then he also needs his independent space. As such, he wished Chandrababu Naidu along with his brother Kalyanram post election results announcement. But recently he did go to the swearing-in ceremony of Naidu but for the sake of his father Hari Krishna. Even his family is making some strategic moves with regard to the party activities.

But truth remains that one has to respect his space. Jr NTR is not a politician, he is a film actor. If stars connect with a party ideology, they can join hands or else they can stay as they are. As for the people, it is better they watch films and politics as two separate entities.

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