Masala Live Updates

By - November 13, 2013 - 10:40 PM IST

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iQlikMovies.com brings you the live updates of Venkatesh and Ram's much awaited film,Masala. Our special correspondent is watching the special show of the movie in United States.  Please follow this space to catch them live @8:30PM EST or 7.00AM IST....

-> Here we are. Rolling Titles.
-> Anjali enters.
-> Ram enters as Rahman
-> Anjali is Ram's sister - Sania
-> MS Narayana enters
-> Venky enters as Bala Ramudu. He appears to have become thinner.
-> Kotlalo Okkadena Song.
-> Venkatesh' Hilarious English begins
-> Posani enters as Nagaraju
-> Jaya Prakash enters as Eddula Nageswara Rao
-> Scenes on Ram and Anjali in Bhimarajapuram Village
-> Ali enters as a drama actor
-> Fight scene. Ram introduced to Venkatesh as Ram.
-> Ali drama scenes. Good Comedy
-> Shazahn Padamsee enters as Meenakshi
-> Venky and Ram fights together
-> Kovai Sarala enters as Chintamani
-> So far Comedy and execution good.
-> Amma scenes Comedy. Super.
-> Ninnu Choodani song
-> Ram as Rahman. Funny Scenes. INTERVAL

-> Second Half begins. Achare Achare song
-> Comedy scenes continue
-> Meenakshi Meenakshi song
-> Venu Madhav enters
-> Story progressing well. Chase scene on.
-> Venky's comedy proposal to Anjali. Hilarious!
-> Sentiment Scenes between Venky and Anjali
-> Climax is here. THE END. Review will follow shortly guys

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