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Masala review

“North ki Ekkuva South ki Takkuva“

Posted: 14 November 2013-01:17 AM

Rahman (Ram Pothineni) lives with his sister Sania (Anjali). They lose their ancestral property in a legal battle and migrate to Bheemarajapuram village after their uncle (MS Narayana) promises to find him a job with his employer. He is none other than Balaram (Venkatesh), the village head who is allergic to lies and deceit.

In an unavoidable situation, Rahman lies about his name to Balram and all the villagers. To cover up one lie, he starts telling bigger lies resulting in a series of cover-ups and comic situations. What happens next and how Venkatesh comes to know about Rahman’s real identity forms the rest of the story.

Venky excelled in his role and definitely showed his maturity and experience in handling his character with ease. Also you could definitely witness the lost essence from Venky in the comedy department since Nuvvu Naaku Nachav & Malleswari. He was going great guns especially with his English dialect which can be rated hilarious (“My English is better than British”). Once again, he proved to be a versatile actor who can fit into any character and blend extremely well in multi starrers films with no EGO whatsoever.

Ram was as usual and did not seem to forget his biggest asset “ENERGY”. He was energetic right from the start and was on par with Venky in many aspects. He definitely carried weight in the movie and played different characters. His was picture perfect and dead on playing the gay character. This young lad showed the signs of flexibility and his true potential which will impress the critics.

Both Anjali & Shazahn were completely diluted in the story and were just OK. Especially Shazahn did not look like heroine material at all and definitely needs to raise the bar with her acting skills.

Ali, Kovai Sarala, MS Naryana & Jayaprakash have contributed in the comedy department and were good. A special mention for Jayaprakash, he synchronized extremely well with Venky and definitely deserves the best among the comedians.

Posani sparked on few occasions with this Trademark dialogue “I LOVE YOU RAJA” that’s it.

Overall, Vijaya Bhaskar pulled off his job but nothing significant or exceptional with his direction skills. Don’t expect a trace of Manmadhudu or Nuvvu Naaku Nachav in this movie. He tried to cram too much comedy on few occasions and elongated the scenes. You can sense that there is a missing page in his book and we all know what it is.

If you were to pick the weakest link in this movie it is with the MUSIC department. All songs can be rated below average and background score is just OK. Not what you expect for a multi starrer movie. In the recent times you may have come across a video on FB & YouTube about Thaman which says S.S.Thaman stands for SAME TO SAME THAMAN. We almost felt like that he is striving to make this comment true.

Cinematography is decent. Action stunts are typical of a Telugu movie with goons and cars flying all around. The screenplay is well connected with good editing. Dialogues are  impressive and will make you gag frequently.

One must agree with Venky’s strategy to make big shift in his career and trying his best to accommodate in roles that best fit him. He will certainly last longer continuing in this direction. Even though we cannot apply a complete apple to apple theory with the Hindi version but the Masala on the whole is entertaining and promise that you will at least not look for an exit in the movie theatre. Don’t have anything better to do …. IT IS A EASY YES!! At least for the sake of Venky!!

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