Trailer Hit Cinema Flop!

By - December 05, 2013 - 06:13 PM IST

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There is a famous saying in Telugu which reads “Intini choosi Illalini choodu” (Look at the house first and then see the home maker!).  You can say, watch the trailer and then get a perspective of the movie. The thought process of which film has to be seen and which to be ignored is always a big challenge for the audience. If the film stars a big hero – a favorite in particular, there is no choice of ignoring and the ticket will be invariably booked. If not, there would be a small debate on whether one has to watch it or not. This is when the trailers and teasers come of little help.

If the trailers are captivating, the audience will rush to the theatres. Hence the film makers are taking special attention towards movie promotion. However, the common film goer is getting the wrong signals even with this. Despite the trailer being interesting, there is absolutely no stuff in the actual film.

Observe any new film being released in Tollywood off late.  The promotional images are quite new in presentation. They assure the viewer that the film has good stuff within it. But when the audience believe the promotions and go to the theatre- they are in serious trouble! Toofan, Ramayya Vastavayya, Bhai, Masala and Varna are straightforward examples for such films. The trailers for these films are excellently made. They even increased the expectations of the audience with stunning sequences. But when the film is released- Alas! The film doesn’t offer the power punch it promises through trailers.

Jr.NTR’s Ramayya Vastavayya teaser featured his punch dialogue “Buddodu Buddodu ante guddaloodadeesi kodatha!” It made fans, audience, and film fraternity eagerly discuss about the worth of the film. Even the trailer was well made. Jr.NTR’s another dialogue “Pandhalu gurralu meedha kattu, naa lanti simhala meedha kadhu” created more waves and his dialogue delivery made it more interesting. But the film was disastrous.

Same happened with Toofan. The film’s trailer enthralled the audience with Ram Charan’s stylish appearance and Sri Hari’s dialogues. But the film couldn’t fetch audience even on the second day of its release.

Masala’s trailer generated good laughs and people even thought it would be better than the original Bol Bachchan. The film makers even made two special skits of Masala which generated good laughter among the audience. But when it came to the actual film, even those laughs were a scarcity. Even those who watched the trailer in YouTube couldn’t enjoy the film.

Coming to Varna, the two minute long trailer and the visual effects created lot of anticipation among the audience. They even thought that if just the trailer is so fantastic, how brilliant the film would be. But it was utter disappointment.  The trailer was super hit but the film was utter flop.

If there is no genuine content in the film, what can the promotional pictures do? If the effort in presenting good promotion is shown in making a film the result would be more satisfactory. Even the audiences also know the trailer features only the best scenes of a film. Nevertheless, they fall prey for the trailer and go to the film. There is another reason for why a trailer of a mediocre film is extraordinary.

The film makers are giving the responsibility of making the trailer to a special team. The editor for the main film is different from the one who edits the trailer. The editors of a trailer are showing their talent in just two minutes of duration. This is why interesting trailers are coming up. But as the film doesn’t have the much needed content in it, it is getting backfired. The recent Auto Nagar Surya’s trailer is quite good too. Wonder how the feature film would be?

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