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“Badram from Badram“

Posted: 25 October 2013-01:21 AM

David (Asish Vidyardhi) lives in Hong Kong along with his two sons James (Sonu Sood) & Tony (Ajay) who is an underworld mafia Don. But David heavily relies on his key man Bhai alias Vijay (Nagarjuna) for every job which keeps disappointing his sons and they start to get jealous. In the mean while an undercover cop starts to interrupt David’s operations in Hyderabad and Bhai will be entrusted to kill this cop for which Bhai leaves to Hyderabad and meets Richa.  Bhai continues to unfold the identity of the undercover cop and at the same time Richa also falls in love with Bhai.

Bhai cracks the mystery around the undercover cop and story all of a sudden lands into a whirlpool.The rest of the story is about how Bhai resolves this unfolded story.

It was just another day for King Nag and the entire movie is structured around him. As usual he looked stylish, played his charm and he is the only accountable character in entire movie. Coming to the performance, for some reason, he lacked the intensity and the overall pace that we all are used to see him.

Richa Gangophadyay who at last was able to get an opportunity as main lead heroine was just a show doll to shake her leg. But we also thought that her recent decision to get back to school is a great one and nothing much to say about her.

We just cannot tell you what happened but no other movie has wasted Brahmanandam so much in recent times. His characterization or the comedy he brought to the table was silly and cheap. For the first time in many years you would not feel like laughing when you look at him on the screen.

M.S Narayana is in the same boat as Brahmanandam and we don’t have words to express the miserable execution of the comedy department.

All the other characters in the movie Nagineedu, Sonu Sood, Sayaji Shinde, Jayaprakash are just ordinary.

Finally, Kamna Jethmalani existed in this movie. She sparked for a couple frames and vanished mysteriously!! We almost got a feeling that she played this role in this movie to remind the audience that she still exists.

It is just that kind of the day on which we stagger to know how to start and where to start about the direction department? The movie has become a scape goat of the director. Mr.Veerabhadram had no clue and his overall screenplay & direction skills should be rated as below standard. The saddest part is he completely mishandled a star like Nagarjuna and we don’t know if he thought that he was making a third grade movie.

Devi Sri Prasad (DSP) who is known to perform magic especially for this Manmadhudu did a very ordinary job. Other than the title song nothing really stands out from DSP. Not at all his standard and that too after coming from a movie like Attarintiki Daredi.

You may not come across a film where you see all the technical departments failing. The camera work is poor and the editing is substandard. The less we speak about the screenplay the better.

We don’t know how King Nagarjuna ended up with this combination that too in his own production but this is definitely not the best you expect from Nag.

Fans!! You may or may not like us today but this is reality and would not recommend this movie.

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