Nagarjuna's Exclusive Interview

By - December 31, 2013 - 05:30 PM IST

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We know he is a big star, a very big producer and a much bigger businessman. But anyone who gets to see him on a closer front should agre that he is an energetic, evergreen and effervescent personality that you can't get over easily. No matter what, he grows young every year and come what may, he and his commitment and conviction for cinema doesn't fade away. He is a hero, produces movies, encourages new talent and he had his time this year.  On this New Year's eve, we were glad that we could have this time for us and our readers. Exclusive excerpts:

How has the year 2013 been for you?
It has been pretty mixed up for me.  To be frank, I am glad that 2013 is coming to an end. The coming year 2014 is quite remarkable for me in many ways. This year has been quite troublesome with respect to my dad’s health issues and my film results. But in a way, I'm glad that I could spend more quality time with my dad at a personal level.

What is the most memorable achievement for you in this year?
Undoubtedly it is the success of Uyyala Jampala film. I am immensely satisfied with the result and I feel gladder not because the film is a commercial hit, but the genuine worth it carries. Their hardwork has paid off and that is what brings a happy flavor to my year end. It has always been my pleasure to launch new talents through my production house.

How is ‘Manam’ coming up?
Oh!! I am quite excited for the film’s release in 2014. It is great pleasure to act with my own family and the new boy is Chaitu. Even dad has been actively participating in the shooting without worrying about his health condition.

Any interesting incidents during the filming of ‘Manam’?
Hmm... actually there are many but ya... in one particular scene, Naga Chaitanya had to call my dad “Musaloda” for which he was very nervous and uncomfortable. He simply couldn't do it (Smiles) In a way, we had to take a class for him (Laughs) saying that it is for the film and you can apologize after the shot! Then, he could settle down and do it.

How do you see Naga Chaitanya shaping up?
Well, definitely he is shaping up good and I'm happy for him. Frankly, he is a cool head and chilled out than me. He is quite matured for his age and definitely much more balanced. At times, I might lose my cool but he doesn’t.  Dad is quite attached to Naga Chaitanya as well. I can proudly say that while Akhil is more of a son, Naga Chaitanya is my friend!

How can we and fans see King Nag in the coming year 2014?
(Smiles) Well there are many big events coming up. First is the multi starrer Manam and I am looking forward to it. My younger son Akhil’s launch as a hero will also be there. I am being quite careful and particular in this regard, not to repeat the same mistake of Naga Chaitanya’s launch. Hence, I’d be the producer of it. But, Akhil has to give me the choice of minimum two directors with whom he wants to work with. (Laughs)

Will we see more of an actor or a producer out of you in the coming year?
I want to concentrate more on production activities in 2014. Hence it would be more of the latter.

Okay, we wish you have a great year 2014!

(Smiles) Thanks and wish you the same!