Mohan Babu appreciates RGV!

By - January 02, 2014 - 12:25 PM IST

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We know RGV has fans…but RGV is a fan of…?

Yes… Sridevi and next…?

Undoubtedly Vodka… There has been a book on Varma with the title ‘Vodka with Varma’.

His close associates often disclose his fondness for Vodka. And can anyone have a better occasion to drink than Dec 31st? But, what the entire world does…RGV doesn’t!

Even on Dec 31st, RGV was supposedly in a party thrown by the Manchu family. And surprisingly, RGV did not have drinks that night. This is quite a pleasant surprise from a Vodka lover like Varma. It is known that, he is determined not to touch Vodka till he completes the film.

We know he has been busy making ‘Ottu’ featuring Mohan Babu and Vishnu Manchu with Rayalaseema backdrop. The movie has finished its first schedule of shoot and Mohan Babu is reportedly super happy about the way Ramu is shaping up the film. According to our sources, impressed with Varma’s commitment for the film, Mohan Babu has apparently appreciated him in the party.

Well, all these signs are indicating the increasing positivity of the film. So, does it mean that this film will be a hit?!! Fingers crossed!

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