Sunil ? A 'cancer patient'?

By - January 02, 2014 - 03:16 PM IST

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Yea…you heard that right guys…

Comedian turned hero Sunil will be seen as a ‘cancer patient’ but in his forthcoming Telugu film Bheemavaram Bullodu.

It’s known from our tinsel town sources that, actor Sunil will be seen as a coward in the film who is diagnosed with cancer at one point. How he reacts and what does it lead to forms the plot of the story. Well, it is not known whether the actor is essaying this role to create a laugh riot or to drench us in sentiment! But we know whatever he does he gives his best.

If you observe keenly, right from the beginning of his hero career with Andala Ramudu, Maryada Ramanna and Poola Rangadu, Sunil is seen as an innocent cowardly person turning a hero with circumstances. And apparently he could score decent hits donning such coward roles. Even in this film, he is reportedly playing a similar coward character diagnosed with cancer.

So, he is likely following his success formula. But, will that work for Bheemavaram Bullodu as well??

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