2014: A special birthday to the music magician A.R. Rahman

By - January 06, 2014 - 09:42 AM IST

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It’s hard to describe him, praise him because only musical notes can do that and we are completely poor at music!

So, instead describing him volumes and volumes together, we would like to share some interesting and lesser known facts about the Music magician and the Magic musician.

Here they go:
  • We all know, he was born Dileep Kumar before converting into Islam. And our nine year old Dileep used to hate waking up early in the morning to practice piano!
  • He quit studies at the mere age of 15yrs and was asked to leave the school due to lack of attendance. So, Rahman was not even the backbencher but instead a regular bunker!
  • He is married to Saira Banu in 1997 and has three kids Khatija, Rahima and son Ameen.
  • He doesn’t entertain even his wife and kids while composing. But he prefers spending his free time with his family alone.
  • If he is interested in anything else other than Music, it is games and he is fond of playing with his kids.
  • We listen to Rahman’s songs but what does Rahman prefer listening?? Well every kind of music especially songs of yesteryear actors M.G.R and Sivaji Ganeshan.
  • Even Rahman loves playing around with instruments and loves dismantling and re-assembling them.
  • He visits Hyderabad and Kadapa darghas often.
  • You know what? The Oscar winning “Jai Ho…” song was initially composed for Salman Khan’s Yuvvraj film and somehow it was destined to Slumdog Millionaire.
  • And also, when eminent filmmaker Subhash Ghai complimented that “you would even Oscar one day”, Rahman candidly turned it down stating he wouldn’t. But look...he’s got not one but two!
  • Interestingly, today it is his son Ammen’s birthday too.
  • It is a special birthday for him this year as the globally famous musician is turning a writer, producer and even a director sometime this year. He has made an official entertainment regarding this too!

Wishing both the dad and son a Happy Birthday. May they be blessed!