Uday Kiran ? A Fallen Dhruv Star!

By - January 06, 2014 - 10:24 AM IST

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Stars are the embedded emeralds that make our sky carpet an eye-feast!

But a star takes birth from pure chaos…

It evolves into an average star, a big star and then fades away growing old…

While some stars unexpectedly end up as a devastating black hole.

And we are unfortunately writing about one such emerging star which ended abruptly!

From Secunderabad to Stardom…
Uday Kiran – a boy-next-door from Secunderabad with absolutely no filmy background stepped into this tricky glitzy world of cinema through a common audition. At the age of mere 19, with no prior acting experience, he saw himself landed in the world of fantasy.

He couldn’t believe his eyes! Before he actually could, his debut film was a blockbuster! He struck gold – lucky chap! His second film Nuvvu-Nenu – yet another blockbuster! He was the brightest emerging star of his times. Amidst expectations, his third film Manasantha Nuvve released – his third consecutive blockbuster. Three back-to-back superhits - a feat only possible to stalwarts! But a young chap like Uday Kiran could do it and that is why he was the hotcake. With a self-earned stardom, the Tollywood focus lights were beamed on him.

His downfall…
When he was at the pinnacle of his career, the engagement news with Chiranjeevi’s daughter floated around. Before everyone could feel “Ah! Here is Uday Kiran at the best possible heights of his curve”, the engagement was broken. Keeping aside many rumors about a coup behind this, unfortunately his downfall begun post this affair. Many producers who booked his call sheet offering advances started pressurizing to refund their advances. He somehow managed to handle this turbulent state and started striving to make a comeback.

The entry of an angel named Vishita…
He went to chance his arm to bounce back with films now and then, here and there but luck did not favor him. That is in when; he met Vishita in a wedding. With love at very first sight, Uday proposed her and after about 10days, she accepted his love. Vishita is a mass communication graduate and a modeling aspirant whose parents run a software firm here in Hyderabad. Finally, his six months of love turned into marriage on Oct 24th, 2012 at Annavaram which went as a closed affair with his friends and family. Uday Kiran’s good friends and actors Allari Naresh, Khayum et al attended the wedding. A new page in his life started now he assumed the coming pages to be as sweet and positive thereafter.

But life did not change…
But, he was into deep depression for the first time when he lost his mother at Kasi. His terms with his father went to a toss after his mother’s death. His brother is also rumored to have committed suicide at an early age. His sister Sridevi is currently residing in Muscat who is absolutely shocked hearing his brother’s suicide news.

R.P. Patnaik about Uday Kiran….
But, he was never such a weak person who would commit suicide. Not when I first saw him or when I met him lastly at his wedding! Yes I heard about his depression but he never mixed it up with his profession” shared composer R.P. Patnaik, a close associate of Uday Kiran. He also added “Three months back when I met him, we discussed about the promotional aspects of his film. He is a self-made star and he always strived to live up to that! And now I am shocked to hear this today.

Current status…  
The night he committed suicide, his wife was reportedly at a party in Madhapur. His last calls went to a person named “Bhupal” and his last message to his wife Vishita read “I love you too”. His friends tried to reach on phone but failed to. When they reached his home, saw him lying unconscious tried him shifting to a hospital but all their efforts went in vain when he passed away midway to hospital.

His case has been booked as ‘suspicious death’ by the police and the investigation is on. No reports of his suicide are officially confirmed by the police yet. There are reports of his wife admitting his “suicidal state” from the past two, three weeks.

However this industry has lost a mere 33 year old young, talented actor and above all, a sensible, sensitive human being! 

May his soul rest in peace…

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