Shruti Hassan special interview

By - January 21, 2014 - 01:47 PM IST

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Hai Shruthi Hassan. How are you doing? How’s your health now?
(Smiles) Yeah… I am doing absolutely fine. Thank You!

Started the year with a hit (Yevadu)…?
Yes. It is always a great feeling when you get a good kick start in the New Year. I knew Yevadu was a hit, the moment I heard the script.

So, have you watched the film and with whom?
No, unfortunately I haven’t watched the film yet. I was busy shooting for Gabbar [Hindi remake of Tagore starring Akshay Kumar]. I didn’t watch most of my films after release and most of them were hits. Actually, this is good. May be I’ll continue this sentiment.

Tell us about your role in Gabbar…
A very good role I should say. I have seen both Ramana [Original Tamil film] and Tagore [Telugu remake of Ramana]. Awesome films they are. And this Gabbar is no less. Krrish is doing a fabulous job. He made some changes to my character as well.

Gabbar Singh and Yevadu are commercial films. Are you eventually moving away from experiments?
No absolutely not. I don’t believe in such ‘commercial’ and ‘experimental film’ classification. Any film is made with money and only the business varies. I would love to grab any opportunity that comes my way.

Tamil, Telugu, Hindi…which is your love?
(Smiles) Frankly, I love being in the sets and I love working whichever language it is! All the three industries are my love. I’m getting great opportunities and reception all over. So, as long as I’m doing some good work, I should be comfortable anywhere.

If you have to rate yourself at Telugu out of 5, what’s your rating?
(Laughs) Around 2 probably. I’m able to understand Telugu well these days. Of course, not so fluent at speaking though! I’ll pick up for sure in near future. But in Tamil, I’m like dubbing for others as well.

How about your singing and music? Are you missing them?
Hmmmm partly Yes…due to my back-to-back acting commitments. But, I’ll continue singing and music. I can’t assume myself without them.

So tell us, who do you think are good competitors among your contemporaries?
In the first place, I don’t feel am in a race and someone is my competitor. Here, every one of us is unique. And I’m the biggest competitor to myself.

Bored of working with star producer Dil Raju?
(Smiles) Absolutely NOT! He is such a wonderful person both professionally and personally too. Moreover, he is so handsome just like our heroes.

Wow… definitely a compliment Dil Raju would love to hear!
(Laughs) Oh yeah!

Well, good luck on your future endeavors Shruthi...
Thank You!