Mohan Babu's gift to RGV

By - January 23, 2014 - 06:07 PM IST

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Looks like both Manchu family and RGV are going along well these days. With their “Anna garu” racing ahead briskly, during the course RGV is apparently getting close to the family. RGV’s image in the Manchu compound is building up day by day. 

Going into the story, Mohan Babu is reportedly super impressed with the way RGV is shaping up the film, that he personally asked Ramu to make one more film with his family [The ‘No Vodka’ mantra at Mohan Babu’s party might have also increased his image!]. This new project would go on to sets immediately after the current film “Anna garu”.Well, who is the lucky Manchu hero this time?? Other details are still awaited.

So, finally RGV getting busy in Tollywood [Well, that certainly doesn’t mean he is not in Bollywood!]