Pawan's Gabbar Singh-2 or Sampath's Bengal Tiger?

By - February 19, 2014 - 11:37 AM IST

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We know Pawan Kalyan starrer Gabbar Singh (2012), the Telugu remake of Bollywood film Dabangg has reproved Powerstar’s stamina. In 2013, Pawan’s close friend Sharath Marar announced a sequel to Gabbar Singh under his production house North Star Entertainment. As it is being said as a follow-up for Gabbar Singh and was subsequently titled (at least tentatively) Gabbar Singh-2, everyone assumed it to be a sequel. And Racha fame Sampath Nandi was handed over the responsibility of this much anticipated film.

Well it is told that Sampath Nandi, who approached Kalyan with his own script Bengal Tiger, was asked to work on Gabbar Singh-2 script and subsequently he was declared the director of the film.

But the twist here is that comedian Ali (a close friend of Pawan Kalyan) spilled some beans regarding Gabbar Singh-2 that Pawan-Sampath Nandi’s film is not Gabbar Singh-2 but an entirely different story. Certainly, Ali’s statement has come as a shock to us.

On the other side of the spectrum, when rumors were floating that GS-2 has been shelved due to OMG remake, the makers thrashed those speculations by releasing an official press note.
So, did Pawan replace his Gabbar Singh-2 with Sampath’s Bengal Tiger?

Only time will tell us the truth.