Rs. 2 crore for a new hero?

By - March 02, 2014 - 09:24 PM IST

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Not that he makes different films….

Not that he makes blockbuster films…

But still he has got that unbelievable craze. After nearly eight consecutive flops in the past decade, he has never stepped back on making films. Do you know why?

Teja is an undeterred and spirited filmmaker. He comes with just what he knows irrespective of what the world is going about. And it is a well-known fact that he makes films only with new faces. That has been his unique style and he has been making films all these years. Many promising actors and stars have come out from his school – be it Uday Kiran [Chitram], Navdeep [Jai], Nitin [Jayam], Kajal Agarwal [Lakshmi Kalyanam], Nanditha [Niku Naku Dash Dash] et al. Irrespective of their current status, most of them have made good debuts and have had a hit streak later. Hence, though he is a flop director he has earned an image as a “lucky hand” for the newcomers. That’s why there is a lot of craze amongst the newbies for a Teja film auditions. Ask any aspirant in Krishna Nagar, he/she will validate this for you.

Even though they are not sure of the success of the film, there is a torrent of new portfolios hitting Teja’s office just because of this sentiment. Industry is a huge sentiment-berg and counting upon this sentiment, it is learnt that sons and daughters of some well off people are ready to invest about Rs. 2 crore for a role [preferably hero & heroine] in his film. By the way, auditions for his upcoming film ‘Thappu’ have been rolled up recently and the cast has been reportedly finalized.

Well, how much did the hero and heroine invest? – if this is what you are thinking now, you have absolutely mistaken. Talent has the top most preference in Mr. Teja’s school!