Pawan Kalyan's political entry true?

By - March 02, 2014 - 06:30 PM IST

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What Pawan Kalyan is entering into politics?

Well, would he support Chiranjeevi? Or

Would he setup a new party?

What is the name of the party? Blah blah blah… Wait!!! Put a comma for your questions.

When analysts are breaking their heads on the intensity of ‘Pawan Kalyan’ factor in the upcoming elections and which side would he incline to, here is “FLASH NEWS” about his political entry.

We know Pawan Kalyan had this orientation for social service right from the beginning. He also established ‘Common Man Protection Force’ before the birth of Praja Rajyam Party which later went inactive. He is known for his simplicity, radiating persona and the urge to contribute something to the society. And now with the elections around the corner, his political stand is being avidly questioned and discussed about these days.

Amidst such heated debates all over, his participation in the launch program of a social service foundation today and his subsequent speech [that expresses his vexation over the government and politicians of the state] has turned the eye of the storm. On this note, few media channels and representatives of web media have even posted confirming the political entry of the Powerstar on their social networking platforms.

But, when we dug deep into this, we found out that Pawan Kalyan is actually keen upon participating actively in the upcoming election campaign, but, which party would he support or would he setup a new party of his own is still not decided yet, according to a source close to the actor. So, his contestation as MP, MLA etc are being termed as spineless speculations as of now.

Well, this is the breaking news we have till this moment and we shall keep you posted on this shortly.

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