What will Powerstar do now?

By - March 02, 2014 - 01:42 PM IST

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2014 has finally come!

Back in early 2009, Powerstar was very dynamically spearheading the ‘Yuvarajyam’ wing of the extinct Prajarajyam party campaigning all over the state, inspiring youth towards change. Back then Prajarajyam, the party established by Chiranjeevi, seemed like a ray of hope for the entire state. Pawan Kalyan was always there for his brother, supporting him wherever he went.
But 5years… just 5years are enough for the entire world to change!

Two brothers who share the same blood and speaking the same language now have turned into two opposite poles. Chiranjeevi later merged his party with INC and eventually has grown to heights becoming even a Union Minister [currently erstwhile]. Though this is the much touted reason behind the brothers being at loggerheads, there seems to something else too.
But you know the much popular version in the industry about the split?

We know Orange that was produced by Naga Babu under his Anjana Productions banner has incurred great losses to him. It is said that Chiranjeevi who has previously cautioned Naga Babu about the budget going overboard, refused to compensate during the losses at the end. The three brothers Chiranjeevi, Naga Babu and Pawan Kalyan apparently had a stormy disagreement on this issue. And Pawan who has been keeping himself at arm’s length from the Mega family after the elections, has borrowed a lump sum amount from actor turned producer Bandla Ganesh to help his brother Naga Babu bear the losses. And to repay the debt, he has offered Ganesh the chance to produce Gabbar Singh.

After the Orange fuss, Pawan Kalyan has almost parted ways with the family and was never often seen on a common platform with the family. Meanwhile, post Gabbar Singh, his market grew by manifolds and after the Attharinitki Daredi leak episode, his stardom saw new heights. In fact, ‘Pawan Kalyan’ is a much weighted word than Chiranjeevi today in the fan world. He is making individual public appearances, attending audio functions and becoming close to his fans evermore. The latest Varun Tej movie launch episode is the latest epitome of the ‘Mega rift’. He is seen associating more with his friends these days - be it films or socially. Attending Ali’s audio function was one such sign of the new path of Powerstar.

And now Ali has announced his political entry which will likely be with Telugu Desam Party. On the flipside, Chiranjeevi’s political future is still ambiguous. But, if he still continues with Congress, will Pawan support him or this time promote his friend Ali on the opposite end? This will be a damn interesting move to watch out from the Powerstar.

Family or Friends – Which will be Powerstar’s way this Summer?